Competent Health & Safety Advice

The Benefits of competent Health & Safety Advice are:

  1. Enhance your reputation
  2. Safety advice that is pragmatic and realistic
  3. Reduce workforce lost time accidents
  4. Reduce workforce ill health
  5. Reduced insurnace premiums
  6. Increased productivity
  7. Guaranteed workforce productivity
  8. Reduced production downtime
  9. Educate your workforce
  10. Be confident that your staff make the right Health & Safety decisions
  11. Realistic Occupational Health Solutions

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Did you know?

The Government requires that all Health & Safety Consultants have to be responsible & realistic with regard to Health & Safety advice and be accredited on the Consultants Register.

75% off all Health & Safety Consultants in your area are not accredited to the governments new standards and hence not on the OSHCR register

Sphere are on the OSHCR register click here for Spheres details.