Sphere RHSM Ltd has an excellent background working with Construction Companies and takes pride in its ability to provide sound, realistic, responsible, practical health & safety advice to a wide variety of construction projects. Sphere RHSM Ltd has managed health & safety on construction projects ranging in value from £150k to £15m, utilising a workforce of up to 500 and taking anything from 3 months to 4 years to complete.

The construction industry is covered by a specific legislation called The Construction Design and Management Regulations. This legislation has recently undergone reform with the following being specific to Duty Holders:-
Client – To build the project whilst ensuring competency and that safety is built into the project from the outset
Principal Architect – To design safety into his structure and provide specific information to the Client
Principal Contractor – To ensure the use of competent contractors and that safe methods are used throughout the construction phase

Sphere RHSM Ltd uses a simple & clear management process involving Control, Competence, Co-ordination, & Communication, which ensures our Clients meet their legal requirements. Sphere RHSM Ltd provides advice to any and/or all duty holders.

Typical Health and Safety life cycle of a construction project

1. Before the construction phase

  • Meet the client to discuss duty holders, nature and scope of the project
  • Regularly review plans, arrange progress meetings & communicate with the respective duty holders
  • Ascertain high or other risk areas and work with stakeholders to minimise that risk
  • Regular site visits to ascertain site topography and other local challenges
  • Draw up a pre tender construction phase plan
  • Advise the client on Site Safety Inspection schedules
  • Commence inception of the safety file

2. During the construction phase

  • Regular progress & site visits
  • Inspection & communication reports
  • Ongoing compilation of safety file

3. Completion of construction

  • Safety File completion and Operating & Building Manual handover

General Health and Safety services are also provided dependent upon the client’s requirements and geared to the construction project at hand

Toolbox talks are an essential part of communicating safety behaviour and Sphere RHSM Ltd relishes the chance to interact and improve your Employees / Contractors safety perception. Tel: 01223 654 465

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