Behavioural Safety

The concept of behavioural safety is all about changing the attitudes and perceptions of your workforce and usually comes after lots and lots of time, effort and energy has been put into reducing incidents, accidents and lost time.

This face to face management scheme with many years of experience and with lots of positive examples, is something Sphere RHSM specializes in. There is a key role to play in changing your workforces attitude and actions for clear diagnosis of your organizations key safety factors, along with positive reinforcement and training. Increased workplace output, along with dramatic cost savings will be made by a safety focused company along with if the scheme is well managed and defined.

The dialogue and understanding of your workforce, including your management team is a major part of behavioural safety – you cannot establish a safety culture within your workplace without this essential communication.

Case Study:

With over 255 days lost per year from a workforce of around 110 employees, a manufacturing company (turnover £21 million) was having a high lost time record. This manufacturer, who made pallets, some by hand, some by machine, was also experiencing on average per month 2 (RIDDOR) reportable accidents. The company had no real experience of changing the attitudes or perceptions of its workforce although it had a good safety base.

The action plan agreed with Senior Management to reverse this high lost time trend was:

  • Appoint a safety team
  • Elect safety reps for the shop floor
  • Appoint a safety champion
  • Start monthly safety committee meetings
  • Identify training for the various teams
  • Start a culture change process
  • Monitor and report back each month on the culture change process
  • Annual report to establish continual improvement
  • Identify high risk actions and attitudes
  • Tackle workplace attitude and perceptions—risk assessment, safety tours, & advice

Within 18 months the lost time accidents had reduced to 21 days lost and 1 (RIDDOR) reportable – proof that this action plan was key for this company in changing its culture. Over the next 12 months, the company had no reportable accidents and further reduced its lost time to 18 days.

with regular three monthly reports being provided by Sphere RHSM, the insurers were kept informed of this process, which saw an insurance freeze in year two. (for this project Sphere RHSM was engaged on a three year contract.)

Behavioural safety is about people and their attitude and knowledge – sometimes an employee, with all the best will in the world, will take actions which he deems will expedite the task quickly, but does not understand its implications on the workforce or the company. Sphere RHSM will get this individual to change his thoughts to protect himself, the company and his colleagues.

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