Directors Package

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Directors and the Senior Management Team have specific legal obligations which can be difficult to understand and meet. The Directors Safety Package has been designed to help your Directors and your Senior Management Team abridge this difficult legal area.

This top level safety package will ensure that you and your team can monitor and measure your safety improvement over a fixed period of time bearing in mind the safety actions and interventions that your organisation will need to implement.

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Sphere RHSM’s specific promise to your business is that we will provide a cost effective and simple to understand range of advice which:-

  • Improves your teams understanding of their health and safety responsibilities and obligations
  • Provides a clear responsibility line for each task
  • Gives clear actions for specific staff
  • Is robust and focussed on your specific safety plan
  • Has actions that are monitored and measured and reported at Board level
  • Is positive and gives you confidence that you have the right actions, documents and training in place to improve your staff & your business
  • Is focussed on mentoring key staff in a way so that they can reproduce the right safety supervision for your business
  • Gives you responsible and realistic safety advice based on your business risk which is not gold plated, over elaborate, too bureaucratic or over cautious

Do you find it difficult to get the right advice specifically geared to your Business? do you also:-

  • Find the plethora of Health & Safety Regulations and guidance difficult to understand and even more difficult to implement in your business?
  • Worry about how scare mongers blur the picture around workplace injury and ill health?
  • Find it difficult to get straight forward, simple to understand and implement advice?
  • Have the right skills in-house to implement focussed health and safety actions and advice specific to your business’s needs?
  • Find it difficult to understand what specific tenderers require from you with regards to health & safety information?
  • Have a dedicated Safety Relationship Manager specifically designated for your business?

Is now the right time for you to find the right safety organisation which will help you to:-

  • Understand your Directors legal obligations & safety responsibilities
  • Find advice that is understandable and simple to implement
  • Help you to identify the basic health & safety supervision for your staff
  • Work with you to provide a safe working environment for your staff
  • Mentor your Senior Management team so that they understand what their responsibilities are in your organisation
  • A dedicated helpline which you can access and is geared to your business (01223 654 465)
  • A dedicated Safety Relationship Manager well versed in your business’s risk and responsible for implementing your safety plan

How do I know that Sphere Risk Health & Safety Management Ltd have the right skills to provide these services?

  • Sphere RHSM Ltd have been working with various Business for over ten years and fully understand your Business needs
  • Our team are OSHCR compliant, verified by the UK Government to provide realistic and responsible health and safety advice to British business. We are one of only 2200 consultancies nationwide. Look out for the OSHCR symbol.
  • Sphere RHSM Ltd’s team of relationship managers are fully focussed and sympathetic to the working environments that todays Business has to work in
  • Sphere RHSM Ltd have testimonials that you can access simply by Contacting our safety team at or looking on our testimonials web page
  • Sphere RHSM Ltd would be really pleased to sit down with you over a coffee and produce a risk profile free of charge.

What services are included in this membership package?

A dedicated safety relationship manager to provide you with simple to understand information and advice when you need it

A specific safety plan designed for your business and based on your business risk and safety gaps

Scheduled site visits throughout the year to address your safety plan

A specific risk profile for your business

Basic review of company safety systems and procedures

Board report, present status, improvements required, action plan

Directors responsibilities safety briefing

Quarterly safety improvement board reports

Safety Awareness Training for your Senior Management Team

Additional options:

  • Individual Safety Awareness Training for Safety Management
  • Safety Management for Senior Management
  • Creating a safety culture

Membership services which include:-

  • A Competent person to act in areas of health and safety either by remote or on-site support.
  • A knowledge base to use as and when required where your present areas of expertise may not be or are not as yet available
  • An annual review of health and safety documentation and procedures
  • A Partnership Certificate which demonstrates your willingness to improve health and safety compliance within the business
  • Any other areas of specific health and safety advice which may be required from time to time via mobile or email
  • A gate keeper to aid in the resourcing of specific health and safety operation & action

What is the Cost?

The package is based on the number and content of those site visits as agreed within the safety plan. This total cost is then paid via scheduled monthly payments so that you can clearly budget for your safety compliance over the year

I am interested in the Directors Safety Package, what do I do next?

Contact Us or ring 01223 654 465 for more information, we are waiting to help you and your team.