Emergency Control Measures & Cost Savings

Enabling Sphere to accurately manage & control, (should you wish), some of your key emergency control measures & systems and identify real cost savings within your present business, Sphere RHSM has a pool of trusted and knowledgeable associates. Sphere can help you to pick and choose what you need.

Emergency Control Measures.

The fact that Sphere has background training and knowledge allows the organisation to act as your gatekeeper/competent person with regards to key service providers, such as:

  • Fire extinguisher maintenance and installation
  • Emergency lighting maintenance and installation
  • Fire alarm maintenance and installation
  • Fire system evacuation & test & Fire Marshal coordination
  • Electrical maintenance, installation and testing
  • Asbestos management & control
  • CCTV maintenance installation and testing
  • Security system maintenance installation and testing

Cost Savings.

Supported by trusted organisations with proven track records, Sphere’s cost savings arm is something which it actively promotes.

Energy savings can be delivered from Gas, electricity and telephones typically.

Case Study.

When a local event organisation, with differing buildings, needed specific health safety, medical and fire systems at their largest events, Sphere was able to develop a coherent plan to deliver:

  • Asbestos management and testing
  • Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguisher testing and inspection
  • Emergency Light & Security System testing & inspection
  • Medical plans & First Aid provision & roll out
  • Security & Major Incident Plan & roll out
  • Lightning strike protection testing

Having successfully providing the emergency measures as outlined, Sphere was then tasked to reduce overheads, such as:

  • Bulk Gas
  • Electricity
  • Telecoms
  • Gas

With specifically a £11,000 saving in gas supply usage, through its trusted providers, Sphere has delivered costs savings in the above areas.

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