Environmental Services

Sphere Cambridge is dedicated to helping clients with their environmental obligations and actions.

As a result, Sphere Leicester can provide the following environmental services:

  • Environmental impact and aspect assessment
  • Preliminary Environmental report
  • Environmental Management System
  • Preliminary Environmental Assessment for ISO 14001
  • ISO 14001 Pre-work
  • Manage your ISO 14001 Systems on an outsource basis
  • Observation & Surveillance for Environmental Management

Case Study

The Sphere team was called in to help when a local waste management company, established for over three years, was looking to improve its environmental performance and gain higher accreditation through the Environment Agency.

Sphere carried out a detailed gap analysis to compare the organisation’s operations with respect to ISO 14001 functionality. Sphere then produced a cohesive action plan based on SMART principles which allowed the organisation to:

  • Complete a preliminary environmental review
  • Produce a legislative register
  • Identify training opportunities
  • Identify actions needed for improvement
  • Identify costs

The environmental management system was designed to be simple to operate and easy to report areas of environmental incident or near miss. Therefore any actions and documentation required were finished within a very short time frame.

When the organisation was re-assessed by the Environmental Agency, its category was increased from a Category C site to a Category A site – the only Category A site of its type in the county.

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