Fire Safety

Various different types of advice, training, mentoring and support have been provided by Sphere has provided to a wide and varied business base to help them protect their workforce, impart correct timely advice to the emergency services and then deal with the aftermath comprehensively.

Sphere is able to provide the very latest up to date fire and awareness training for your staff based on the Fire Protection Associations current best practice techniques.

For defence against fire, arson and unwanted downtime or production interruption, Fire Risk Assessment is an essential part. As well as advising on contingency planning, staff training, physical control measures and emergency procedures, Sphere will risk assess your potential fire risk.

In ensuring that many eyes and efficient actions are put into place to maintain a fire protected workplace, Staff training is essential, and Sphere can provide the following:

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Coordinator
  • Fire Marshal
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Anti Terrorism Planning & Coordination
  • Major Incident Planning & Coordination
  • Contingency Planning & Coordination

For ensuring that your workforce can evacuate when the need arises, day to day fire actions are vital. Able to offer advice, Sphere can also train your staff to aid evacuation, control the scene and then, on arrival, impart vital information to the emergency services.

For certain organisations, major incident support and anti terrorism planning is a major part of safety measures. Helping to identify, train and coordinate your organisations procedures and control systems, Sphere can act if unwanted events occur.

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