Major Incidence Support

When a medium sized manufacturing company experienced a major accident with one employee suffering severe injury, Sphere were called in to help.

Immediately Sphere liaised with the HSE to discuss the serious nature of the incident.

The following actions were undertaken quickly:-

Sphere were first to attend the site and assess the accident scene. The team carried out a full accident investigation, utilising Sphere’s proprietary investigation template, based upon HSE and IOSH systems and that has been well proven and utilised for a situation just like this.

The investigation brought up many improvement opportunities including: training, information & instruction, competent supervision, maintenance and servicing, machine compliance, (including various quality standards applying to manufacture of machinery), ensuring safety critical devices, (including servicing and functionality test), ergonomic machine layout, company culture, previous history of accidents and incidents, along with any other evidence that identified the problem before the accident, suitable witness statements, operator observations and management systems.

The conclusions and action plan drawn up by Sphere provided:-

  • Objective led actions and advice that is based upon factual evidence
  • Factual advice to senior management as to personal liabilities
  • Improvement recommendations based upon SMART principles
  • A budget schedule and a realistic time frame for improvements
  • Management of HSE and Insurance inspections, advice and interest

As well as the initial actions Sphere worked closely with the senior management team to complete all actions and ensure the HSE and the organization’s insurers regained their trust with the company’s management team and their operations in a reasonable timeframe.

Sphere are delighted to be associated with this company and to be continuing to support, advise and provide specific safety services.

Sphere’s annual review on behalf of the client provides an improvement plan which, year by year, easily demonstrates, to all stakeholders, the commitment to safety and employee well being by the organisation.

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