Files & Manuals – A Professional Service.

A bespoke part of the Sphere RHSM Business is set up to produce professional Health & Safety Files and Operating & Building Manuals. Our focussed approach allows our Clients to be completely confident that any information that needs to be assimilated and communicated forward is of the highest standard and set out in an easy to reference format. We contact all your contractors and get the information for the respective documents thus ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Our team is highly skilled at tailoring your file or manual to your requirement. This system ensures that we provide our Clients with the correct information whether online, electronic or by hard copy for their customers.

CDM – Health & Safety File.

Part of the requirements of the Construction Design & Management Regulations is to provide information about the build which can be passed on and then used by future owners. This requires that at least the following is collected.

General Information

  • Description of the Works and Design Criteria
  • Residual Hazards
  • Removal/Dismantling of plant and equipment
  • Fire Strategy
  • Designed Equipment for cleaning/maintenance
  • Consents and Approvals
  • Building Regs/Practical Completion Certificate
  • Frequency of Maintenance information
  • As Built Drawing Schedule
  • Future Works – Non-notifiable

Operating & Building Manuals.

Our Operating & Building Manuals are produced to the highest specification and are sector specific eg Code for Sustainable Homes. Each Manual has at least the following detailed:

  • Building Fabric
  • Description of methods and materials used
  • Guarantees, Warranties, Maintenance Agreements
  • Test Certificates & Reports
  • As Built/Record Drawings
  • Operating/Maintenance/Cleaning instructions
  • Building Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Sprinkler & Fire Alarm
  • Air Conditioning

Additional Items Eg Overhead Crane

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