Sphere’s Fully Managed service enables a client in Cambridge to have a designated Health and Safety competent person on-site and to tailor the service to their specific requirements.

Whether working for half a day per week or more, the Fully Managed service provides your business with your own health and safety professional on-site for an agreed time period. It enables you to determine your safety budget and to improve voids within your safety management system.

The Fully Managed service works really well when an ongoing presence is required to instigate and maintain a Health and Safety programme in Cambridge, change perceptions or manage medium to high risk. The service is available from half a day per month up to three days per week and can be a very cost effective solution compared to hiring a person full-time.

Outsource Case Study
A successful manufacturing company needed expert advice to help lower their lost time rate. 100 workers were taking 120 days, on average per year as sickness absence linked to their medium risk manual jobs.

Also the claims history was high and reportable accidents were running at an average of two per month. The organisation decided to bring in the retention scheme, helpline and have a presence onsite of one day per week. Mentoring and support was provided for all staff on request.

After carrying out a simple audit, Sphere identified areas for awareness and improvement. A mentoring and support programme for all staff was linked to this involving everyone from the MD down to the cleaner.

During the first year risk assessment and training analysis identified areas where accidents where prevalent and knowledge based issues uncontrolled. The insurers were kept completely involved and wanted to help, providing a insurance freeze from the end of year one.

A full training programme was agreed and staff in many roles across the organisation received IOSH Managing safely, Safety Rep and specific regulation training. Alongside this a safety committee was launched and many issues raised and controlled.

By year one end the lost time rate had reduced by almost 40%, reportable accidents were down to less than one in a quarter and productivity had gone up by 18% with many of the initial medium to high level risks controlled and managed. It also meant that the overall workforce had a greater understanding of health and safety legislation and its requirements.

An annual review took place with a simple audit on the remaining lost time and knowledge based issues undertaken.

The year one’s system was utilised again and saw the addition of health surveillance and a managed return to work interview.

By end of year two the lost time rate was down to just 21 days, with the insurers and the workforce very happy with their safety performance. The senior management have more confidence in providing quality products at a reliable build rate. Sphere still enjoys an ongoing but reduced presence within this organisation, advising and supporting where needed.

This case study is just one of many examples where an outsourced service has given an organisation professional, quality focussed business management which improves their shopfloor productivity, legal compliance and therefore cuts an employees’ injuries & claims history.

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