Pre-Qualification & Supplier Questionnaires

PQQ’s are now used by many organisations to verify and evaluate their suppliers prior to starting any project. This is really not that difficult to achieve, despite seeming like a daunting process for many SME’s. Like many other disciplines, health and safety has its own language which is not readily recognisable – after all who would call a computer ‘display screen equipment’?

Over the last 10 years Sphere RHSM has completed over 500 PQQ’s and Supplier Questionnaires, such as:

  • Constructionline
  • CHAS
  • UVDB
  • Achilles
  • National Brtiannia Safe Contractor

In addition to major PQQ Sphere RHSM has dealt with company specific supplier questionnaires, which include:

  • Kanvas
  • Wilmott Dixon
  • Local Authority—Cambridgeshire & Fenland etc.
  • Kier

Case Study 1:

When a construction company was having problems in fulfilling a PQQ’s supplied by Safe Contractor, Sphere RHSM took over these functions and provided the following:

  • Scheduled in the training required
  • Completed the health and safety documentation
  • Provided email feedback to Safe Contractor
  • Gap analysis to specify what was required and by when

Within 6 weeks of Sphere being appointed, the company received Safe Contractor approval.

Case Study 2:

Using the system identified in case study 2. Sphere RHSM successfully gained accreditation for an electrical company that wanted CHAS accreditation so as to quote for local authority projects. As a result, the company was able to quote on a £300,000 project.

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