Sphere RHSM Ltd looks to supply long term business support and advice to all sectors and sizes of business. This ensures that real value is embedded into the respective organisation. This essential support and advice is controlled by utilising four main service packages Each one of these packages is dependent solely on the clients needs and requirement to improve or maintain safety management within the organisation.

Directors Package

Board & Senior Management Advice & Oversight and can include specific items from other packages eg 1 day per week onsite

Gold Package

Silver + site visits at least 1/2 day per month.
A fully outsourced service, we are your onsite Safety Department

Silver Package

Bronze + 1/2 day site visits every 13 weeks for safety plan provision eg site reports, risk assessments, toolbox talks, training etc

Bronze Package

Competent Person Cover + Helpline + Risk Profile + Policy + Risk Assessments
+ Bi-Annual Visits + Monthly Safety Comms Review

Our Clients prefer to use the various membership package as this provides essential business compliance that add value year on year whilst giving them a degree of flexibility to enhance their business culture. The various packages allow for an annual membership service which can be accessed at any time by the customer but with scheduled service appointments. This allow essential health and safety tasks, advice and activities to be undertaken and completed by experienced and competent personnel. In short you don’t need to guess, you have the answer at hand.

24 Hour Helpline

A 24 hour health and safety helpline is available to our Clients and is included within some packages. This service can be supplied as an added value package.

Sphere is happy to offer Clients services for one year up to three years and based solely on the needs and the agreed risk profile of that respective Client.

Contact Us or ring 01223 654 465 for more information, we are waiting to help you and your team.