The Health & Safety Report Line

Do you think it’s time that your Construction Company had a confidential direct telephone reporting system that you can access without being surprised by the , local authority HSE or EA?

Allowing you, the construction company, to channel reporting from local neighbours, onsite contractors and other stakeholders, The Health & Safety Report Line is a 3rd party, fully confidential scheme.

Why do you need this anonymous reporting system?

There are at least five good reasons for you to adopt this system:

  1. It allows you to access essential information that may go to other reporting bodies, in preference to yours, first.
  2. It provides local residents with a telephone report line that you can access and control.
  3. Organisations like the HSE will start to charge for site visitsthat contain a material breach of legislation from April 2012. The cost of this visit has been quoted as £124.00 per hour.
  4. It pre-warns you of the potential issues that will cause you lost time and unwanted costs
  5. It allows for essential stakeholders to have a reporting line which does not bring them into confrontation with the site manager or site management team

So how does the report line work?

We will provide you with anonymous report signage and a dedicated reporting line which you prominently display on your site.

He/she who reports the unsafe conditions onsite provides set answers to set questions specific to the site and issue, which are then communicated through to you by email so that you can act immediately.

Who does the report investigation and how is it impartial?

Sphere will send third party investigators to your site and investigate the report and offer advice for improvement. Whether or not you act on this advice is up to you.

All information and advice is completely confidential

What do I get with the Health & Safety Report Line?

  1. Display boards which state the number to call and report unsafe conditions at all sites
  2. A competent team that will go to your site and advise of what measures to take to rectify unsafe conditions and actions on site
  3. A system that fits hand in glove with considerate contractor and other initiatives
  4. A dedicated anonymous telephone line that channels stakeholder concerns through to your construction company
  5. A confidential system that allows you to make improvements at minimal cost
  6. A revenue saving device that is simple to adopt and implement

What is the Cost?

Cost is based on the size of the construction site and takes into consideration the length of cover needed

Contact Us or ring 01223 654 465 for more information, we are waiting to help you and your team.

The Health & Safety Report Line is an initiative of Sphere Risk Health & Safety Management Ltd. Registered Consultants. A Chartered Member of IOSH.