Utility Arboriculture

Sphere are able solutions to a wide variety of Arboriculture conundrums, have an excellent background in working on Arboriculture projects and take pride in their ability to provide sound, practical Safe and Healthy advice. With a workforce of up to 50 utilised and taking anything from 3 months to 4 years to complete, Sphere has helped to manage Arboriculture projects ranging in value from £150k to £2.3m.

There is a specific set of guidance notes and competency criteria which covers the Arboriculture industry. There are key areas of responsibility and competency under this guidance:-

Operators working near to electrical powerlines need to be trained in Electrical Safety Competence— UA 1, – UA5.

Supervision— Operators need to be suitably supervised with your Supervisors being key to establishing a positive safety culture with clear responsibilities and actions

Operators need to be trained in AFAG & NPTC standards — The Nations national guidelines and competency awarding body.

Toolbox talks are an essential part of communicating safety behaviour and Sphere relishes the chance to interact and improve your employees safety perception.

General Health and Safety services are also provided dependent upon the client’s requirements and geared to the Arboriculture project at hand.

Sphere is keen to aid Arboriculture company’s with their compliance and can deliver practical and pragmatic safety advice where required

Case Study.

Wanting to improve its safety performance, and in addition prove to its largest client that it was well suited to take on new work in a competent manner, a nationwide arboriculture company turned to Sphere.

Working with sphere’s clients management team, Sphere provided a simple gap analysis and positive action policy, which improved:

  • Staff understanding of safety
  • Confidence in the organization from its largest client
  • Management decision making
  • Documentation and planning
  • Reporting through to the client of safety actions and interventions
  • Improved status on UVDB Achillies
  • Improved public safety
  • Improved staff safety
  • Better contractor control & contractor safety

Increased profitability for Sphere’s client, which directly leading to an increase in the workforce and workload, occurred as a result of this management process

Note: Arboriculture project planning is applied throughout the project lifetime

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